Safety Matches

Wax Matches

We offer high quality damp proof wax matches.

Wax Matches

With the use of qualitative raw material including wax, paraffin and phosphorus we manufacture wax match sticks. These wax sticks are easy to use and light, which gives brighter and longer flame. Our wax match sticks are suitable for commercial as well as residential purposes. We can customize our range of match sticks on the basis of customers' specific requirements.


  • High Ignition Temperature,
  • Single Strike Lighting,
  • Longer Burning, Good Quality,
  • Damp Proof and Fine Finish.


Wax Safety Matches Specification

Particulars Wax Matches Specification
Size of the Boxes
Length Width Height
36MM 30.5MM 14.0MM
34MM 27.5MM 10.5MM
Splints 27 MM and Above
No. of Sticks 40 / 70 sticks
Colour of Head Brown / Black
Brand Hockey, Sunwheel, 287

No. Packing
10s Packing White printed wrapper, Yellow printed wrapper.
100’s Packing Transparent poly bag, Printed poly bag, Printed paper.
Carton Packing Single Printed Brown, Single printed white, Bundle Sheet.

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